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Individual wind farm analyses and consulting

 for a holistic view of your wind farm 

A wind farm is more than a group of independent turbines. 

Let's use the full potential! 



Wake and yield analyses

Focus on the relevant

  • Yield analysis for all turbines with quantification of suffered wake losses

  • Identification and assessment of reduced energy production


What I need:

  • General wind farm information and past SCADA-Data (10 minute values of at least 1 year) 

Studies on potential of wind farm control

Know the potential

  • Computation of the optimal control strategies using wind farm control (wake steering)

  • Assessment of potential yield increase (annual energy production)

  • Highest accuracy through combination with data-driven yield and wake analysis

What I need:

  • General wind farm information

Individual consulting

Get competent advice

Johannes Schreiber
  • Individual analysis (data and/or model driven)

  • Topics: park extensions, repowering, sector curtailments, effect of external turbines, ...

Wind farm control:

  • Support in realization

  • Load analysis and admissibility

  • Evaluation of achieved production gain

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

About me

For more than five years, I worked and researched in an international network at the Technical University of Munich (Chair of Wind Energy). I have acquired competencies and developed new advanced methods which, due to their applicability, provide clear benefits for wind farm operators as well as owners.


  • SCADA as well as load based wind estimation

  • analytical wake modeling

  • wind farm modeling

  • system identification and learning methods

  • Python, Matlab and other computer languages


Research projects

  • CompactWind - Erhöhung des Flächenenergieertrags in Windparks durch avancierte Anlagen- und Parkregelung (BMWi)

  • CompactWind II, Teilvorhaben: Anströmungs- und Nachlaufschätzung mittels Anlagensensorik zur Anlagen- und Windparkregelung (BMWi)

  • Closed-loop wind farm control, CL-Windcon (EU Horizon 2020)



I have caught your interest? Do you have any questions? Write an email or use the form. I look forward to your message!

Johannes Schreiber, Dr.-Ing.

Gaisbergstraße 16

81675 München, Germany

Johannes Schreiber

Thanks for your message!

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